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10 Real Estate Business Strategy to Follow


When it comes to marketing, everyone knows that it needs a trick and strategy. Whatever the kind of business that you run, marketing strategy and promotion are a must so you can get more potential customers. Real estate business strategy and marketing are the same as other kinds of business.

Why do you need a well-planned real estate business strategy? It`s a bit difficult for a business to make money unless you make a powerful marketing strategy to lead you to make millions of dollars from the real estate business.

With a good real estate marketing strategy, you will not let your competitors leave you behind. No matter what kind of real estate business you run, such as becoming a broker to flipping a house, the strategies below will be useful.

1. Identify Your Target Market 

In every business, a target market is key to success and getting more revenue. Also for the real estate business, you need to identify the target market of your business and your product.

To become a truly successful real estate agent or real estate businessman, you must pay attention more
to this strategy. If you have identified the target market, you will make the right marketing strategy
according to the demography of your target market.

By applying the right marketing strategy that suits your target market, your business will make more
revenue and profit. It sounds good, right?

2. Find your Niche

The next important real estate business strategy you must think very well is about a niche. Find your specific niche and try to focus on it. 

I think it`s not overdoing it because some real estate brokers and businesses focus on a particular niche market. Then, they become an expert in that market. How about you? Why not do the same strategy?

Finding your niche drives you the other considerations including where the market is headed in both the
long and short term, what the risks are, and fins the specific target market lot easier.

For example, if you are a real estate broker, you need to know the details about a new school project or
new transportation locally. By doing this, you will know your marketing strategies accordingly.

3. Know the Budget for Marketing Expenses

Marketing is expensive somehow. Rather than spending dollars aggressively for marketing, it`s wiser if you develop a marketing budget and stick to it. Therefore, you will get the best revenue from the high amount of money you`ve spent on marketing.

This is another major factor in success in every business field, including the real estate business. You will spend lots of money on advertising, websites, social media marketing, email marketing, and postal

Making a good budget plan for your marketing expenses will help you to gain target sales. A different
way of the target market will have a different way of marketing, and of course, the budget will be
different as well.

4. Combine Website and Social Media

Regardless of the target market, you have identified, you must establish your real estate business
presence on the internet. You can do this by using a website and social media.

Build a website as professionally as possible. Combine it with social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. These are relatively affordable, but with huge potential outreach.

Consider as well to market your business on Google and Bing. Paying ad campaigns on search engines
will help your business to reach more potential buyers.

5. Encourage Referrals and Word-of-Mouth

Referrals and word-of-mouth sound classic but they`re still very essential for business growth. Most successful real estate agents generate the deal through referrals from their previous buyers. Keep in mind that referrals from buyers or customers are valued by a new buyer.

Of course, you also will choose a real estate agent recommended and referred by your friends, relatives,
or colleagues. That`s why you need to make your previous buyer recommend your business to others. Boost this approach by offering a referral bonus.

6. Always Fast Response

The world is moving faster than before. If you don`t respond to your potential customer quickly, don`t be surprised if they make a deal with other agents in a short time. Respond to every query of the customer quickly or you will lose them.

Make sure you choose a customer service or admin staff that is committed to doing this with dedication.
The staff must be able to respond to customer requests soon. Don`t wait until the next day, or your
customer will run to other agents. The way you respond to your customer gives a big impact on your
business reputation and credibility.


7. Publish a Newsletter Regularly

For long-term success, you need to consider publishing a monthly or weekly newsletter via email. The
newsletter must contain many updates about current mortgage rates, how to develop a real estate
investment portfolio, the benefits of homeownership, and so on.

Many customers will appreciate the insights of your newsletter. It also shows your commitment to your

8. Disintermediation Marketing

The next real estate business strategy you must do is disintermediation marketing. It refers to the
mindset of customers whether they need a real estate agent or not. This kind of marketing will convince
the value of your real estate business. Educate them through websites or social media that they will
need a real estate agent to purchase a house.

9. Plan for Success

If you want to succeed, you must make a plan. Regardless of whether you run a business as a real estate
developer or real estate agent, you need a business plan for real estate development. This step will set
you up for a successful business.

Make a plan for expenses, and calculate the risks, contingencies, and the business plan in detail. A well-
documented business plan will help develop your business in the future.

10. Develop Brand Awareness

Real estate business strategy also needs brand awareness whether you are a developer or a real estate
agent. It needs a brand of its own, so you need to name your business. And then, make a suitable
marketing strategy to improve brand awareness.

Plan to develop your business name brand. Use it to market your real estate business for years to come.

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