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7 Best Small Business Advice from Experts


Running a business will be a very daunting thing sometime. That`s why we need a good business plan and strategies to run a business as well as possible and gain profit. No matter the scale of your business, the plan is important. This is what you must learn from small business pieces of advice.

If now you are running a small business or starting up a business in your home, this small business advice you need to keep in mind.

1. Automate Many Things

Running a business will be quite exhausting, especially if you hire yourself without any help from the staff. But it wastes time and isn`t an effective and efficient idea. It`s better to use your time and energy to do something bigger and more crucial rather than thinking about small things you can delegate to others. 

For example, don`t waste time to spend on data entry or bookkeeping. Automate it by using software to do it. There are many tools you can use for automation including tools for email. The software will help to send emails to visitors that recently visit your website. 

Don`t have 24/7 customer support? Consider setting up a chatbot on your website so it can respond to your customer queries even outside business hours. Also, you can set up automatic payroll software for the customers to complete the purchase.

2. Stay Organized

Stay organized! You will hear this in almost small business advice, even from the experts. But it`s true, that having a well-organized business will help grow your business faster.

Make a good organization of time management, paper documentation, and automating repeatable tasks. You also should keep an accurate record of your business finances including transactions, and even taxes. Keep all the invoices you arrange according to category. Keep also cash payments and cash receipts well.

Keep in mind as well that you need to set deadlines. So the employee will finish the job in the specified time. Make a plan as well for social media campaigns. Don`t forget to deeply consider the use of email marketing.

In short, everything related to your business must be well-organized and set up well.

3. Maintain Personal Touch

To help small businesses grow faster, make a strategy to make customers feel comfortable and trust your business. It is a really good idea especially when you only have a small team or run your business yourself.

For example, give a handwritten thank-you note to the clients or customers of hour business. It will impress them very well even only a small thing.

In the other examples, you also can consider providing freebies for customers that fill out the surveys. Make a personal touch with a simple thing your customers will love. Make it a part of your service.

4. Build a Great Website 

The website has a vital role no matter the scale of your business. This is the seat of your business operation. Through the powerful website, you will get more leads and educate them well about the product you sell. 

Unless you have a physical store, the website is something very important to run your business professionally. So make sure you build a powerful website with a clean and simple design. Good navigation will make your visitor feel convenient. But keep in mind that the website must be informative with a ton of product knowledge your customers must know. 

When building a website, you also must be concerned about SEO (search engine optimization). Therefore your website will appear on the first page of Google search. It will be really good to gain more traffics. 

But if you think that it`s quite difficult to win the first page of Google Search, consider advertising your website using Google Adwords. Automatically your website or landing page will be on the first page of Google Search. 

Use high-quality images with good copywriting. It will help to make your customers understand your product. Focus on product key features, benefits, and highlights and tell a story. 


5. Create Interesting and Unique Content 

In the middle of digital marketing development, people utilize digital as a way to grow businesses. For example, you can post a unique photo regarding your business on social media. Instead of photos, today short video is a better option to keep in touch with many audiences.

You can make a short video about the making process of your product. Edit the video as much fun as possible. A 1-minute video duration is enough.

Filming your process will be a great idea to bring people to your business. It will make them curious about your product. If you sell home decoration, you can give a short video about the process of decorating a home by using your product. It will be such an effective way to gain more customers.

Make a unique and interesting video regularly. You also can hire a model from an agency. Find a way to be unique and authentic. When it goes viral, your product also will be viral.

6. Make Priority 

The next very important business advice is about priority and focus. Make a business goal and stick to your goal and purposes.

Priority means that you must know what to do and what is more important in your business. Remember that we must provide the best service to our customers so focus on that goal rather than other less important things.

People will love to face and get in touch with a real human via social media, email, phone, or messaging apps. So make sure you give them the experience they need.

Also, keep in mind that small businesses must be accessible. Manage your customer`s expectations accordingly especially if you realize that the orders will take longer time.

Listen to every customer`s complaints. By listening and understanding their pain points, you can do an investigation and find a solution for them. 

7. Provide an Unforgettable Experience

Again, the experience of customers with your product and service is something essential. If you can provide an unforgettable experience with the best 24/7 service, or with a unique and authentic product, your business will grow faster. 

It also will be a lifetime value for your customers and will help to retain and attracts other customers. So focus on giving the best experience to them.

Hopefully, this small business advice will be helpful for you in growing your business. Thank you for reading this article and good luck.

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