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The Top Piece of Advice from These 13 Founders to Help You Set and Achieve Your Business Goals


These entrepreneurs offer their top pieces of advice to help you create and accomplish your goals for this year if your business needs a boost.

1. Founder and Principal Strategist of TwentyThree, LLC, Alicia Underwood 

"A strategy-driven digital communications studio is TwentyThree, LLC. My objectives are to develop processes to streamline your campaigns, structure your digital marketing plan, and evaluate your data so you are well-equipped and knowledgeable when launching your next strategy. Making a process is my one piece of advice for establishing and achieving your business goals. A simplified procedure will make sure that the wheels in your business are going in the right direction, whether it be for production or marketing." 

2. Regally Insane Hair & Body Health Line's CEO and founder, Nailah Queen

"A hair and body wellness line called Regally Insane shields you from head to toe. We assist you in regaining healthy hair and provide you with on-the-go physical wellness solutions that won't interfere with your everyday activities. Setting SMART objectives is one piece of advice I can give you to assist you in establishing and achieving your business goals. I refer to SMART goals as being precise, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound objectives. You are more likely to succeed if you use this framework."

3. Jansel & Co.'s founder and CEO, Sarah Jansel

"The mission of Jansel & Co. is to help clients create amazing websites on Shopify or Kajabi so they can concentrate on their businesses and sell more of their products. Finding a coach or community that can hold you accountable, keep you on track, and help you expand your network in the directions you want to go is my advice."

4. Yesenia Reinoso, CEO of Y Communicate and head of digital marketing and media relations

"A communications and PR company called Y Communicate works with customers to develop and enhance their brand, reputation, and identity through internal corporate communications. Take things one day at a time and small steps to develop and accomplish your goals. The rationale behind this is that by concentrating on one or two key areas, you'll be able to pay closer attention to your work, master it, and be more adaptable while multitasking across a range of disciplines."

5. Waverly Avenue founder Melissa Lohrer

"The goal of Waverly Ave, a coaching and consulting firm, is to help agencies and their executives grow. My recommendation is to focus on it and give it your best. Find the sweet spot that combines your passion and your strengths, and then coordinate every aspect of your company around it, from hiring procedures to technology to marketing tactics."

6. B.T.R. Nation's founder and chief snack officer, Ashley Nickelsen

"The goal of B.T.R. Nation is to clean up the fast food business. They provide the normal vending machine goodies you would find on the go a much-needed update. To nourish your body, mind, and taste buds, this recipe is low in sugar and produced with incredibly clean ingredients. Telling your story is the best piece of advice I can provide. Let us know why. It will not only help you stay focused on your objective, but it will also make it easier and more affordable for you to connect with your target audience."

7. Corene Phelps, the company's founder

"I am the owner of a high-performance business consulting and coaching firm that employs cutting-edge techniques to assist women in creating outrageously successful businesses and professions without compromising their health and happiness. I want you to consider your objectives and list all the reasons why you don't want to achieve them. Now, I know this seems ridiculous, but we frequently have this split, conflicting energy surrounding our aspirations, and that's what prevents us from achieving them."


8. Founder of Spark Talent Group, Summer Lee

"Top-tier digital artists, influencers, and tastemakers are served by Spark Talent Group, a premier influencer marketing and talent firm. By taking care of all back-end administrative duties, brand collaborations, and channel development and strategy recommendations, we free up creators to continue being creative. The most important piece of advice I can give fellow business owners is to attempt things and fail quickly."

9. Life Reset Labs founder Dana Paskalis

"Through community and connection, Life Reset Labs develops experiences that enable people to be powerful leaders in their personal and professional lives. Our mission is to support businesses and people in undergoing transformative change, one experience at a time. Asking questions is the best advice I've ever received. When you ask for what you want, there is always a chance of getting it, thus it is better to hear yes than to never know what you might have been able to accomplish."

10. The Unique Beak's founder and creator, Estani Frizzell 

In addition to offering school workshops on independence and confidence through our book series, "The Unique Beak," I also teach vocal and music creation. I want to use the arts to inspire, educate, and encourage people of all ages to realize their full potential. The finest piece of advice I've ever heard for setting and achieving my business goals is to make a to-do list each day and complete at least one item on it. You'll be able to see the wider picture of your ideal business model and stop putting so much pressure on yourself.

11. Founder of Nexus Consulting, LLC, Reda Hicks

"Nexus Consulting, LLC assists businesses in both fixing what is wrong and imagining the potential of their companies. The finest advice I've ever received about reaching goals is to concentrate on incremental progress. Big objectives are fine, but breaking them down into manageable chunks that you can track over time will not only enable you to make genuine progress but will also serve as a reminder to rejoice in the little victories."

12. Founder of Clapping Dog Media, Meg Clarke 

"Online businesses may enhance their organic reach and get found by Google with the aid of Clapping Dog Media. The best piece of business advice that has ever helped me succeed is to never give up. We all have horrible days, awful weeks, and even bad months, but being able to get back up, start over, and approach each day with a new outlook has helped me."

13. The Greer Meister Group's founding director, Caitlin Meister

"The Greer Meister Group is a private tutoring and educational consulting company whose goal is to introduce children, families, schools, and organizations to techniques that are evidence-based, strengths-based, and neurodiversity-affirming. Thinking in actionable increments is my top piece of advice for developing and attaining your company goals. We occasionally have the propensity to establish very lofty goals without considering the steps necessary to get there. Therefore, I want you to consider the very first action you can take right now to move closer to reaching your goal."

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