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Want to Increase Your Income? 10 Industry Experts Offer 10 Ways to Expand Your Business


Want free counsel from professionals? launch a podcast. 

In all seriousness, it's a fantastic method to learn from industry leaders and impart your community with their most important insights. You'll also expand your professional network as a bonus.

My initial motivation for starting the Launch Your Business podcast was to assist other business owners in avoiding the numerous errors I made when I initially began operating my company. I was aware of the facts that would have benefited me when I first started, so I knew what to convey.

What I didn't anticipate was how much I would learn and expand my business as a result of the experience. I'm going to share my top ten learnings from the guests that have been on my show now.

Prepare to save this article and send it to a fellow entrepreneur who could use the advice.

1. Don't start your firm in secret, advises Pat Flynn.

This one is from our first Pat Flynn episode. You should be developing any new concepts you have for a product, company, or service with your target clients if you believe they have tremendous potential.

Before you've tested your idea with the market, don't spend too much time, effort, or money. So that you can launch with more assurance, converse with your audience, and solicit feedback. In this episode, Pat outlines a step-by-step procedure for doing so.

2. Nir Eyal: Managing your time is like managing your suffering.

Consider it this way: Either you will have to deal with the discomfort of making progress or you will have to deal with the discomfort of not making progress.

In this episode, Nir gave fantastic tips on avoiding distractions and deciding on the long-term advantages of focused work. After listening, you'll have the resources necessary to concentrate on impact so that you may accomplish more throughout the day.

3. Dorie Clark: Taking the time to strategically consider gives you a competitive edge.

Dorie Clark imparted to us the value of playing the long game, exercising strategic patience, and setting aside time in your schedule for thinking.

She also discussed how to maximize your day so you can concentrate on effect and have less stress during this talk. Additionally, I attribute Dorie's work to helping me to understand all the uncertainty I experienced when establishing my business. You should certainly follow her.

4. Jason Feifer: If you're looking for opportunity rather than loss, change is an opportunity for growth.

When Jason Feifer spoke on the program, he said that adaptability is the trait shared by the most successful business leaders.

He also discussed some significant mental adjustments that will make you more adaptive, especially in the face of disappointments. You'll get a peek into Jason's thought process and learn how to develop high-impact business prospects. You won't want to miss this one because he is among the most intelligent and sincere people I know.

5. Brian Cristiano: Being successful in sales doesn't require having all the knowledge.

We discovered from our episode with Brian Christiano that being an effective salesperson does not require having all the answers. To help your prospects understand the gaps in their business and how you can fill them, you need to ask the correct questions.

Brian also provided a fantastic method that would enable you to close more lucrative transactions while avoiding being ghosted—the ideal combination for any entrepreneur.


6. Jeremy Welsh You don't have to be an "expert" to have worthwhile information to share.

In an interview, Justin Welsh claimed that solopreneurs frequently set the bar too high for themselves before offering their expertise or service. Think about what you wish you had understood three years ago instead of believing that you need to have Ph.D.-level expertise to help someone.

Additionally, Justin discussed how to convert LinkedIn subscribers into clients in just seven days.

7. Sheila Maillian Whether or not the thought of repeating an activity 100 times makes you excited is what distinguishes a pastime from a business.

Even if we appreciate something, Lauren Milligan argued in her interview, it might not be the activity we should devote most of our time to. You may now match your passion with your purpose and increase your level of fulfillment in your business thanks to this revelation.

She continued by explaining how concentrating on your superpower can enhance both your productivity and income. And make sure to listen to understand how she operationalizes success as an entrepreneur. Your vision for your personal and professional life may become more certain as a result of her response.

8. Eat the frog, but keep your flexibility, advises Jackie Hermes.

Jackie Hermes, a recent visitor, said, "Eat the frog, but keep your flexibility." In other words, finish your most crucial duty for the day first thing in the morning, but after that, give yourself room and flexibility for the things that arise in daily life.

This can be especially important for keeping parents of business owners sane. Some of the advantages of running your own business are lost if you have a strict schedule.

9. According to Patrice Poltzer, expressing your challenges in life or business is beneficial and not a show of frailty.

Patrice Poltzer, a specialist in video storytelling, educated us on the best ways for business owners to share their narratives to draw customers. She also provided a step-by-step storytelling approach so that you can immediately put what you've learned to use and appear more assured in interviews and on social media.

Patrice reminds us that the secret to earning compensation for who you are and not simply what you do is being able to communicate your story persuasively.

10. Those from Earn Your Leisure, Troy, and Rashad: As a business owner, systems don't limit you; instead, they free up your time and attention for more crucial tasks.

The Earn Your Leisure creators, Troy and Rashad, talked to us about the necessary but unappealing aspects of running a business and how to make it more manageable with the appropriate applications, tools, and routines.

They also provided some incredibly helpful advice on why it's crucial to nurture as well as expand your network. Make sure to tune in because listening to these men will help you avoid a lot of time and frustration.

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