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Pizza Your Business: 5 Keys For Success As A Side Hustle


One of the most consumed foods worldwide is pizza. It tastes good. It is nourishing. Even its day exists (February 9th is National Pizza Day).

Also, it offers a useful metaphor for starting a firm. 

Yes, working at one of the biggest county fairs in the nation can teach you a lot about entrepreneurship. But working those 16-hour days is not necessary to gain knowledge from pizza. All you need to know is what goes into making a pizza. 

You can add different toppings and components to a pizza to make it to your preferences. Also, you can order pizza to be delivered right to your door. Being more like a pizza is ideal while running a business. You should provide your clients with options so they can make it exactly how they want it. Also, you want to deliver your goods right at their front door. It is what determines a company's success. 

Iza Correll, CEO & Founder of OVI Healthcare in Somerset, Kentucky, asserts that eating pizza is an experience. "The combination of dough, sauce, and cheese does something for me. My company is more than the sum of its parts, just like a pizza.

A pizza, at its most fundamental level, consists of five easily understood components: the dough, the sauce, the cheese, the pepperoni, and other toppings. Each of these five elements represents a crucial factor you should take into account whether you want to launch a full-time business or a side gig. 

Tip #1: Dough is kneaded.

The base of the pizza is the dough, which stands in for the base of your company. By putting your attention first on the details of your business plan, you may create a sustainable start-up. 

"The dough reflects the operations," explains Dwayne Vera, Founder of in Tampa Bay. "This is the fundamental element that makes everything else possible. Everything else will fall through the cracks if your operation has flaws. Operations include all elements that affect every facet of the organization, including policy, technology, customer experience, HR, and accounting. Notwithstanding what some may say about the sauce, good pizza joints recognize that a pizza's quality crust makes or breaks the dish. 

Tip #2: Be sassy because it distinguishes you.

Although a firm crust is necessary, the sauce is what gives the pizza its greatest taste. It is special due to this flavor. Similarly to this, your company needs a differentiator that makes it stand out from the competition if it wants to continue to be successful. 

Yoni Mazor, co-founder, and chief growth officer of GETIDA in Teaneck, New Jersey, says that a lot of the flavor and taste of a pizza is delivered by the sauce. "Thus, much like a business, the organization's understanding of its members, as well as the intelligence and beauty of how it acts to carry out its objective, is much like a pizza sauce, in my opinion. It can be very difficult to recreate an organization's culture, people's personalities, and positive relationships with the rest of its stakeholders. A nice experience and good flavor are created at every stage if done correctly.


Tip #3: Recognize the big cheese.

The pizza is held together by the cheese. It connects the basis and the distinctive differentiator with the offering and its advantages. It symbolizes the core of your company in this way. This can include the intangible aspect of your firm that could be compared to "reputation" or "credibility," company goodwill.

The company's culture is represented by the cheese, according to Scott Winstead, the founder of Houston-based "The culture of a firm is like the cheese that binds everything together and gives the enterprise its flavor."

An essential component of this culture is human resources. This applies to you, any staff members you might have, as well as any outside vendors your clients could deal with. This advice won't make you feel good. This is a fact of money.

The most expensive component of a pizza is cheese, much as labor is the biggest cost to your company, according to Shawn Plummer, CEO of The Annuity Expert in Atlanta. "Talented personnel take your company to the next level, just as high-quality cheese may make or break a pizza. But be cautious. If you over-cheese a pizza, you waste money without significantly enhancing the flavor. If you put on too much, a lot of the cheese can just slide off uneaten. The same is true for your staff; you must ensure that you are not overstaffing but rather recruiting the proper number. And if you want to give anything a little more flavor, you can always add parmesan (freelancers).

Tip #4: Boost your public relations efforts. 

Most people picture fiery pepperoni-topped pizza when they think of it. Although there are different toppings (more on that in a moment), pepperoni has grown to be the norm. 

Have you ever been the last person in line at a pizza party? Were you upset to learn that the individuals who came before you got all the pepperoni slices?

Now you are aware of the significance of pepperoni. 

The same holds for companies of all levels, from Fortune 100 to your senior side business earning $100 per month. To sell the steak of your company, you need the sizzle of pepperoni. 

According to Plummer, the toppings on your pizza, including the pepperoni, are your marketing and differentiator. Although they are mixed, they all have the same purpose of attracting new clients and retaining current ones.

Those other toppings, though... 

Tip #5:  Receive requests.

The additional toppings stand in for the whole range of goods and services you provide. To appeal to the whole range of customers in your market, your company needs a diversity of goods and services. Consider this as easy market research that promotes ongoing improvement. You are passively gathering information from present and potential clients rather than aggressively soliciting their input.

Amit Gupta, CEO of Aeroseal in Miamisburg, Ohio, asserts that a company's versatility and point of differentiation come from its additional toppings. "In our situation, we frequently introduce new toppings to the menu; this year, we have introduced several new products, which has kept our product development pipeline very busy. These innovative products and the vast network of contractors using our technology around the world are what distinguish us.

The traditional lemonade stand served as the archetypal representation of running a business for ages. There might be a more appetizing parallel.

Pizza serves as a better metaphor for business since it allows for unlimited creativity while still starting with the same basic ingredients: a base made of dough, a sauce, and toppings, according to Fadi Swaida, a dentist at Bond Street Dental in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. "A business operates similarly. It starts with a foundation of a business plan, moves on to some basic financial business setups with few options, and then includes all of the goods and services. These goods and services can be whatever you want them to be and as inventive as you like.

So pay special attention to that pizza slice the next time you remove it from the pie. It might have a great concept for your main business or side gig.

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